Spring has Sprung!

Please accept my apologies for the cliche above!! But someone said it at church yesterday and I can't get it out of my head! Spring has, in fact, sprung in my neck of the woods! And in honor of that I'm wearing sandals, short sleeves and listening to The Weepies.

The Weepies always remind me of spring, even when I enjoy them mid-winter. The first time I heard them was spring and I listened to them over and over and over again, as I'm in the habit of doing with my favorite music. I'm thankful I have sympathetic co-workers who indulge my musical addictions!


kontrabanda said...

actually, i think the weepies remind me of spring too! last year i was here visiting neil and i remember loving the sun shingin through the curtains and brids singing and we played them all the time. aaaahhh, those are such great memories!

Inside My Shell said...

I had my first Weepies CD in the mail yesterday and now I do understand why they remind you of spring!