I haven't fallen off the side of the earth....

Not yet anyway!

I've been such a bad blogger!! My first post this month! Ahh.... where does the time go. I'll tell you where it goes, it goes to working out every night and trying to eat more healthy and trying to keep organized.... and it goes to my near MYSPACE addiction!

Through myspace I connected with a girl I had met in college. She has a beautiful and amazing JEWELRY WEBSITE that I've cyber-stalked for some time now!!! :-) Please check it out!!!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

You are too kind!

And this is the bad thing about blogger...you can't email. So, email me at

artsmith_satx at yahoo dot com

We will work out the details!
Thanks so much!!!

Nicole Honner said...

Hey- thanks for the mention! :) I enjoyed reading through all your past blogs last week, so I'm glad to see you back here.