Goodbye Summer Sandals

picture taken by Ags, 2000

Today was the first snow and I finally have to say goodbye to my summer shoes. I'll miss you dear friends!

Ok, so about a month ago I promised big changes here at Sundries Sublime. Well, let's just say it's still a work in progress. I've been making changes at my super-secret-practice blog, but am running into problems.... So, this blog is what it is for the time being!!



kontrabanda said...

is the "ags" me or is it someone else? i can't remember taking that picture :) :) :)

Sundries Sublime said...

Hee hee!! It's YOU!!! You took it at my graduation. The actual picture is a full shot of me, but I kinda liked just my feet and skirt, so I cropped it!!! :-)

Inside My Shell said...

Love the picture and can't wait to see your new super secret blog!!

Agnese said...

oooohhhhhh super secret blog???? hmmmmmmmm :)

could you email me your address, I think i've left it at home and I need to send you something... :)

p.o. said...

ohhhhhhh...super secret must be very gooood!

I'm having a new blogging website at google,too. It's all about my life here and I'll show you later on.

It's the first snow of the year there already. aaaaaaaa...i miss snow a lot. We're still around 80 degree here. :(!