Beta is BAD!!!

Ok, the post below took me forever to finish! There were so many weird problems! But I didn't see them until I published the post. I would go back in and fix them and new things would pop up. I finially fixed them all. Thank goodness, but I don't think I like the new Beta Blogger!!! :(

Unfortunately, I realized I didn't mention where the links below (the ones linking to pictures of collage art I love) were from. I thought you would find it from the picture link, but I guess not. I am afraid to go in and edit that post, so here they are:

The first two are from Teesha Moore the second one is from Paper Thoughts. Both sites have such beautiful work!! I am so in love with their work! Make sure to check out the other links too!! So many very talented artists!!!!

PS - this post has given me mucho problemo too! Beta bad! Very, very bad!

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