Goodbye Scott . . .

I work at a university and one of the highlights is the great student workers we have. Scott is one of them. He is a hard-working, professional, polished, intriguing individual who brings humor and excitement wherever he goes. I can always count on him to brighten my day with a witty comment, a humorous song (... Gummy Beary Juice), or a perfect English accent (that he can keep up ALL. DAY. LONG.!!!). He rocks (or should I say "spins") at karaoke and plays a mean air guitar. AND.... He is the one who got me hooked on MySpace!!!

Scott, the AF won't be the same without you!!!!!

PS ~ this is a pendant I made for Scott. Yep, it says "POOP"!!! He loves that word. Thinks it's so funny. So I just HAD to make a POOP necklace for him!
Only for you Scott, only for you!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I love you Jennifer!!!!!!


michelle rh said...

Maybe you could mass produce these pendants? :) Scott is a lil' cutie, isn't he?
Who is the picture at the top? JF or OH? Or perhaps neither?

Sundries Sublime said...

Hey MRH!!! Thanks for your comments!!! I always love hearing from my super cool cousin!!! (by the way, have you checked out my myspace???? And Bryan's??) )

The picture at the top is actually Grace of the Grace Orlene Desings, my other Grandma. But I love old pics of Orlene too!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It is great when you have fun student workers! :-) And, I think Scott is very lucky to have had you as a Supervisor/co-worker!