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Hello! I have the day off work and am finally uploading some more jewelry pictures. Yay!! I'm also excited to make a pendant and bracelet that have been rolling around in my head. And to get some work done on my knitting projects!

But back to the jewelry that's posted. Once again I would love your feedback. Please click on the images for a larger view. All metal is sterling silver or fine silver. What do you think about them? Which are your favorites? What do you like, dislike? What would you change? As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!! :-)


I LOVE these! They are so fun to make! The possibilities are endless! I love silver but sometimes I want color. I want funkiness! I'm calling them "Funk Medallions"!! Hee heee! And the "Little Cowboy" one is my favorite!!! Which one do you like the best?

Originally these were supposed to be a set, but the hammering doesn't really match. I hope to make each their corresponding matching pair. The silver pendant is LARGE! Two inches! The earrings are one inch. I LOVE turquoise and can't wait to incorporate more!!

These tiny ones are some of my favorites. I'm calling them, "Le Petites" I just love their delicateness. I've actually had a few people request some from me! Yay!!

A practice one. Not sure what I think. I love the red rubber cord though!!

I made this for a friend whose sister was diagnosed with cancer. The outlook was pretty dim, but things have miraculously turned around! The sister is very into Native American symbolism. The waterbird symbolizes renewal of life. The deer symbolizes family protection. The back has a leaf imprint (representing nature) and then her name and her two children's names.

This was a really hard project. I wanted it to be perfect for her! I find it so stressful to make custom items as I want people to LOVE it! I want them to be so happy with it and I worry the entire time that they wont. That they will notice every single flaw!

In the end, even though I'm not thrilled with my work on this one I hope she loves it and can feel the love, thoughts and prayers that went into it!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

Funk Medallions! Perfect! I love them all...can't pick a favorite. Just depends on the outfit and the mood.

As for the earrings and the big silver pendant...I'm just not into turquiose and bigger things. But that's just me. Lots of people are. You did a great job on them, though!

I love the little ones...just more my style. Even the French mail one that you aren't too sure about. I think it's lovely. And the ones with the kids names! No mommy could pass that up! PERFECT!

amf said...


I can't believe how much creating you've been up to! I love the FUNK MEDALLIONS and I want to buy one of each . . . although my favorite is the boy on the horse. I'm sure you can guess why! :) I love all the jewelry but the funk medallions really spoke to me as well as the medallion with the green ribbon. The earrings look great too - I don't think they should match perfectly to be a set. I'm really into the real stones.

WOW AGAIN . . . I can't believe my baby sister!!! Ya done good, girl!!! Keep up the great work and get going on selling this stuff on line - I'll be one of your best customers!!! :) Good choice on the logo too!

We're heading to the lake - 100 degrees all weekend. Take care - so happy to have checked out your blog today before leaving town.

AMURavsk said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know why my comments are not coming through! DARN. Let me know if you get this one, ok?
The Funk Medallions are cool! I like #2 #7 & #5. #7 is my favorite. I like the LePetites a lot. What size are they?
Joyce F

paula said...

Very creative!! I loved the one with the postmark. Most people have a special place, a specialty item like this could be a real hit.

The funk medallions are cute.

Anonymous said...

I love them all. They all are so cool. I got some big fans here and they all want to buy one of each "Funk Medallions" & "Le Petits" & "France Nov."things ...well..they said "please give them official catalog that you'd like to sale and they will do the orders"..
Keep on the great job...Hope to see more your creations!!

p.o. said...

ohoo, i forgot to post my nickname. the one i post at 3:06am. Just let you know. :)!

Anonymous said...

The Funk Medallions are great! I liked #2,5,6,7. Also, I loved the one with the Native American symbolism. She's going to love it - and it's so meaningful! You do good work! :-)


MRhenry said...

I do love the funk medallions! You are such an awesome designer... get this stuff going and it will go on its own from there!

Inside My Shell said...

I love what you do with your jewellery! That is so "you". It's very hard to decide which one I like best.

Love to hear and see more from you! Keep up the good work!

nikkibudaj said...

You have the most beautiful designs! I LOVE them!!! bring me one, AND remember your catalog!!!!!!!!!!!

Maslyn's mommy said...

i like 1,3, 5, and 6 the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late commenting, but my favorites are 3, 4, 5, & 6. They're all neat, though. The postmark one is awesome, and I love the hammered metal!

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with the variety of articles. I live in central Sweden. Lots of gold, platinum and diamonds here. I much read and write about jewelry but could learn a lot from you.

With best regards, Jonas Bergman