Self Portrait Challenge

This is my first post for Self Portrait Challenge. I thought with this I would post 30 things about me:

  1. I have brown hair.
  2. It has been other colors.
  3. It has been short, long and in between.
  4. I have brown eyes.
  5. They have always been brown, except when I was born. They were blue.
  6. I love crafting.
  7. Knitting and jewelry making are my fav's.
  8. One of these days I hope to get a little side-shop/business going with my crafts.
  9. I love music.
  10. I have a guitar and have taken lessons.
  11. I hope to start again.
  12. U2 has been my favorite band since 6th grade.
  13. That was a long time ago.
  14. But I don't really have a favorite band.
  15. I also love Nina Simone.
  16. And Mazzy Star.
  17. And Jack Johnson.
  18. And Emmylou Harris.
  19. I used to love to bake and cook.
  20. I was featured as the teen cook of the month in a cooking magazine.
  21. I don't really like baking or cooking anymore.
  22. I can be shy.
  23. Sometimes I'm outgoing.
  24. I have lots of creative friends.
  25. I love keeping in touch with them via email and our blogs! :)
  26. My parents are the BEST!
  27. I didn't always feel that way.
  28. I've lived in several different places, including another country.
  29. I loved it and want to move and travel more.
  30. I am as old as the number of items in this list.

1 comment:

P.O. said...

hmmm..a lot of cool things about you! Maybe you can pick up some of your habits again, like baking,cooking...yummy! as well as traveling (for the new inspirations)! I think I need them,too. :)!