My mom and I got our charicature done!!!


P.O. said...

heehee...great job!!! I like it a lot. very cute and interesting!! It reminds me a lot about you and your Mom...

BTW,you have talent in charicature,too. -just let you know : )

Sundries Sublime said...

Hey P.O.!!! I wish I had drawn it, but someone else did!!!

Hope you're doing well!!! :-)

P.O. said...

haha...yeah.when i thought it again about "got the charicature done", that meant someone else has to do it.). Ooops.. :(! I should practice English more. :)

I am doing good here, just wish I could have the summer vacation again. :)!

Hope you're doing great there,too.

And when are you coming visit here??? :)!