There is a new blog I'm really excited about, Inspire Me Thursday. (I also have a link in my long list to the right.) Every Thursday they post a creative challenge. You can choose to accept their challenge and then post it on your own blog. So, this first week's challenge was ATC's (that's "Artist Trading Cards" for the uninitiated. Don't feel bad, I just learned what they were a few weeks ago!!) They are small cards you can design anyway you choose, but most that I've seen have this really cool artsy collage look. I can do collage in Photoshop, but I haven't been able to make anything I really like using things in the 3-dimensional world. I was going to skip the first challenge, but then decided I need to really give it a try.

The first one I did was a tree. (Not the one above, I did that one later) But it just didn't have that collage look I wanted to achieve. I did 3 others that were REALLY bad! Then, finally I did one that almost has the look I'm going for. I'll post it soon.

After I did the tree ATC I felt like sketching/painting so I did another tree (the one above) and it made me realize how often I draw trees. I don't really draw a lot, but if I do it's usually a tree, or a few other things that seem to be my standard. I've always liked doing trees because I feel like they come out half-way decent. But then that made me wonder, do I like them because they come out ok or do they come out ok because I like them??? I know there are other people who seem to have a similar object or theme that runs through their work. I wonder if it comes naturally to them or if they first liked the idea and just kept working at it?

Any thoughts????

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kontrabanda said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to participate as well, i will have to look into it :)