Inspire Me Thursday - ATC

Above are my first attempts at an ATC (see post below for definition) for the Inspire Me Thursday challenge. I'm really glad I decided to do this!! You would never believe how long a tiny, little card can take to design!!

The bottom one is a picture of my mom. The text says "mothers fly on angel wings". The scanner kinda scrunched it. In person the leaf pops out more and kinda blurs the two gold stars. I'm happy with my attempt and will definitely be trying more!!! To see a TON of really beautiful ATC's check out artist Misty Mawn's gallery of ATC's.

To my family and friends: I know a lot of you don't have a webpage, but if you want to participate, email me your creations and I'll post them here!!! You all are SO talented!! You need to show the world!!!


kontrabanda said...

LOVE IT!!!! You are so talanted and I am so proud of you for letting that creative bubble out and sharing it with the world :) I bet your mom LOVES your ATC :)

the painted pear said...

It was really hard to work on such a small surface. I like what it says about mom's on angel wings, that is true, I do believe!
Well your first attempts are lovely, I imagine you will and should do many more!!!

Turtle Jones said...

I love your ATCs, especially the tree. Nice job on your first attempt! :) Welcome to the wonderful (and addictive) world of ATCs! :)

carla said...

These are awesome! I know what you mean about how long these mini creations take...I only had time to do one! I love your trees 9one of my favorite things to draw), and the card of your mom has a great vibe. Excellent work...I'm looking forward to seeing more fo your work with each new IMT challenge:>

ntuart said...

those little canvases are addicting! you did a great job!

thanks for stopping by my answer your question...the gel medium is golden brand, matte gel medium....this stuff is awesome! you can use it as an adhesive, as a protective top coat, and a transfer use it as a transfer medium brush a thin coat on an inkject copy turn the copy over onto the surface you wish to transfer the image to (fabric or paper,wood....) burnish really well and carefully lift up your inject copy and voila! it does not always transfer 100% perfect copies, but that is what i like about it!

christine alane