Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I thought in honor of Valentine's Day I'd take some time to
pay tribute to some of the loves in my life!!

I absolutely love this picture of my parents at their senior prom! I LOVE my parents too!! :)

The three most special people in my life are my sweet, adorable, talented, beautiful and of course well-mannered nieces and nephew!! (Their parents aren't too bad either!!)

This is a picture of one of my dear uncles as a little boy. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I'm using it to represent ALL of my wonderful family!!! I love you guys!!!

This is a necklace my sister gave me a few years ago. I wish the picture came out better; it really doesn't do it justice. Although I didn't absolutely LOVE it at first (I think because it wasn't silver) now it might be my favorite piece of jewelry. I DO LOVE it!!! (A ~ I bet you thought I just threw it to the bottom of a drawer!!)

And this is maybe the best gift I EVER got. In my last year of college I asked my parents to buy me a throw blanket for Christmas. My idea was when I was far away (I thought I was moving to Latvia) I could wrap myself in it and feel close to them. I told them to pick it out all on their own. (We have gotten into the habit in our family to give very detailed Christmas lists because no one wants to disappoint anyone). I really thought my parents would pick out something that was not my style at all. But I didn't care because it would mean so much to me, I knew I would love it no matter what. When Christmas Day came I braced myself for some crazy kind of blanket. I was SHOCKED when I opened it up and LOVED it not only for the meaning but for the style!!! It was absolutely PERFECT!!! I'll always cherish this blanket and it will always remind me of my family!!


Anonymous said...

My first comment in a blog! I've checked regularly to see your progress--pleased and proud to see what you've accomplished. Now, I of course, have to respond! Thank you for your beautiful and generous comments (and photos).

With much love,

Sundries Sublime said...

Awwwww..... Thanks!!! : )