Wedding Day

Below are some pictures I took at my cousin, O's wedding. She looked absolutely stunning!! She is Russian as is her husband. There were many traditional Russian elements. I was so thankful to experience it and to spend time with my family!!

The Kiss


My cousins Y & M and aunt & uncle

My beautiful cousin M!

On another note, I am totally sick of the look and layout of this site. I might have to change it up every few weeks!!! But that's ok. It gives me more practice with layout and some HTML.

Went for coffee today with my friend B. Was a great time. I always enjoy getting together with her. Then went to the craft store to look for linoleum blocks to carve. They didn't have any. :( Need to work on a post card for work!! Yay! A graphic design job!! Have no idea what I'm going to do yet....

I really want to spend some time drawing or painting or collaging but I have so much cleaning and laundry calling my name. :(


Anonymous said...

Wow, your cousin M really IS beautiful! Just kidding. It's me. You are too kind. And such a great artist. I would like to also see some photos of you and J and D and A and the children.
And more of your creations- jewelry and knitting!
You are a renaissance woman!

Anonymous said...

WOW !!! Those pictures are so cool!! Especially the first one! Did you ever think of being a professional photographer and do weddings and high school pictures? You'd be great!

Sundries Sublime said...

You guys are TOOOO kind!!! Seriously!! Everyone should have a blog so they can get compliments on a regular basis!! It's great!!! :D But seriously, you guys are really sweet!! :)