Return to Work

Went back to work today. We were closed for almost 3 weeks, which was so wonderful! Yesterday I finished a necklace/earring/bracelet set to wear with my favorite, relatively new sweater. I was excited about it yesterday, but today it didn't seem as nice. I used glass beads but every time I looked in the mirror I thought they looked like plastic. :(

The day went by pretty quickly. I was so excited to come home and update my new blog!! (it's the simple things in life, people!) :)

Driving home there were swarms of birds in the still overcast sky. It was semi-eerie. So many of them, flying around in choreographed patterns. They almost looked like a swarm of nats. I wish I'd had my camera.

Tomorrow is the Art Hop downtown. First Friday of every month the downtown shops and galleries host local artists to display their work. Retail items are often discounted. Usually there are hor' dourves and drinks. In the warmer months there are street musicians. I hope to get some pictures there. Will hopefully post them later.


cindy said...

Glad you like the mittens! My daughter loves them.

Pacific Ocean said...

sometimes I feel that way,too. You find something pretty on the road, but you just don't have camera with you...Well,storing those images on your mind would be a good idea,too. : )!

Sundries Sublime said...

Good point, Pacific Ocean!! :)