Purple Scarf

I made this for one of my co-workers. I had made a couple scarves a few months back for an office raffle. One was with this same yarn, but a different pattern. My co-worker didn't win the raffle but kept admiring the scarf. I thought I would surprise her with a scarf of her own. Hope she likes it!!!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

Love the scarf! So what other things do you do...I don't mean knitting things...I mean your jewelry and stuff.

Sundries Sublime said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by. Well... I started this site because I'm taking a break from some graphic design classes and wanted something to keep me motivated to continue to experiement with photoshop and illustrator. But I thought it would also be great to post other things I'm working on. I've taken some metalsmithing classes that I've totally enjoyed! I have tons of ideas in my head but can't always seem to make them come out!! :( I've also been working with Precious Metal Clay. Have you heard of it? Kinda expensive, but SO cool!! I do some beading too. I've done drawing and painting in the past but want to get into it more. Lately I want to try painting/collage on thin sheets of wood.

I visited your sites. They are all cool!! I especially love ArtSmith!! :)You're a very talented artist!