Music Inspiration

I've been loving two CD's I got for Christmas: "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack and "The Civil War" soundtrack. I LOVE listening to them while I'm knitting or doing embroidery (actually crewel). I feel so early American! So folk-arty! Eventually I want to buy the "Cold Mountain," "Lewis & Clark: Corps of Discovery," and "Last of the Mohicans" soundtracks too!

I've also been enjoying Sufjan Stevens. I don't own any of his CD's yet, but this site has some of his Christmas music available for free (and legal) download. I haven't read much else of the site. Found it while on a google search for Sufjan Stevens. I don't endorse or not endorse the content. :)


Anonymous said...

From your SD friend now living in TX by way of CA :-) : Have you checked out Nickel Creek? They have 3 albums out now. Like any album, some of the songs are great and others are so-so. I think I like their first album (self titled) and their latest (why should the fire die) best. And Chris Thile of their band has a few solo albums out that i'd like to look into. Happy music listening! KRG

Sundries Sublime said...

HI!!! I just saw your comment!! Sorry it took me so long to write back!! No, I've never heard of them. I'll hae to check them out!!! :D