Fancy Scarf

This is a scarf I knitted for my co-worker D's daughter. D said her daughter loved it. They went to a movie the night she gave it to her and her daughter kept throwing it over her shoulder, like a feather boa. Later I knitted one for my mom.

People always ask me what I've knitted. I'm slightly embarrassed to have so few items to list other than scarves. But I just love different colors and textures of yarn; I want to experiment with them. A scarf is usually a safe way to start. Not to mention cheap! Fancy yarn can be quite expensive. You can often get a scarf out of 1 sometimes 2 skeins. So, I guess for the time being I'm happy to be the scarf queen!!


Anonymous said...

You did a great job on the scarf!!
WOW!!! :)

Sundries Sublime said...

Thank you!! :)

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Totally drooling here!

Must. Learn. To. Knit.